January 07, 2019

The Planter of the Future May Already be Under Your Shed

We see our roles at Vantage Southeast as problem solvers. We face every work day with one overarching thought in mind: What can we do to help our customers achieve their goals of lower costs, greater efficiency, and higher yield? We know that all too often it seems as if you are faced with the prospect of adding newer, more expensive equipment, but we have good news! The equipment you already own, is capable of doing more than you can imagine. In fact, with the addition of vDrive and Delta Force from Precision Planting, the planter of the future is already under your shed.

In planting, down force is a serious issue that often goes ignored and can make a huge impact on yield. With vDrive, you get independent row control with turn compensation. In addition, there is no chain and cable maintenance to worry about. Combine both planter drive and swath control with vDrive. Add DeltaForce for independent row response, hydraulic controlled down and lift, and a sub-second response to changing conditions.

At Vantage Southeast, helping you add value to your operation is what puts our boots on in the morning. So, let us help you get your population right with vDrive, control down force row by row with DeltaForce, and you’ll find that you’ve already got a planter of the future!

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