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Specialist Program mission statement

“To create a culture that attracts and retains elite talent, empowered by leading-edge technology and continuous training. Our aim is to deliver unparalleled precision ag experiences, distinguished by our investment in the growth and passion of our team.”

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Brian Kelly - President of Ag Technologies 04:12

Embark on a fulfilling journey with Ag Technologies, where we’re not just shaping the future of farming; we’re redefining it. As pioneers in precision agriculture, we offer more than jobs; we provide pathways to grow, innovate, and lead in an industry that feeds the world. Our technicians and technology specialists are revered industry-wide, known for their unparalleled expertise and commitment to turning cutting-edge technology into practical, powerful tools for our farmers. If you’re ready to cultivate a career where your work genuinely transforms agriculture, Ag Technologies is your field of opportunity.

Brian Kelly - President of Ag Technologies 04:12

Current Openings

Precision Agriculture Specialist

Join our team as a Precision Agriculture Specialist, where you’ll harness cutting-edge technology to drive smarter, more sustainable farming practices and empower our clients with innovative agricultural solutions.

Field Service Technician

As a Field Service Technician, you’ll be the hands-on hero, ensuring our advanced agricultural equipment operates flawlessly in the field, providing essential on-site support and technical expertise to our valued farmers.

Data Analyst for Agriculture

Dive into data as our Agriculture Data Analyst, where your insights will transform raw numbers into actionable strategies, optimizing farm performance and shaping the future of precision agriculture.

Customer Support Representative

Be the voice of Ag Technologies as a Customer Support Representative, offering expert advice, heartfelt support, and practical solutions to ensure the best possible experience for our clients and their technological needs.