Connect Disparate Systems

We give enterprises the visual and also this statistical andr other information they’re looking for out of that data, we have the ability inside of our organization to create those custom reports that fit their operation best.

Connecting Disparate Systems

Connect the reporting and data analytics and create the marriage of the data between the different systems

connect the reporting
and data analytics and
create the marriage of
the data between the
different systems

Connecting systems and data together

Chances are that you are already using a lot of different sources to gather information and data about your growing operation. Imagine how empowering it would be to be able to connect those various systems so that you could view the specific information you need from each one in a single, cohesive way.
For example, wouldn’t it great to be able to connect operational data with agronomic data? What if you could generate a report that shows when a certain tractor applied a certain chemical at a certain crop growth stage, along with what the growing degree days were? By connecting that disparate information, suddenly you begin to see the synergy of those factors. That information gains exponentially more power because you can see the advantages of the timing of materials being applied, as well as how you can leverage your machinery by seeing when that tractor was used. Combining both operational and agronomic information helps bring the entire farm together in a way that neither can do individually.
Ag Technologies can help you connect your disparate systems to get the full benefit of all the data they generate, turning that data into real information so that you can make the most strategic decisions for your growing operation. Every grower has a unique set of needs, so each one needs to look at data differently. Different people on your team may also require specific sets of data. By connecting your disparate systems you will be able to create custom reports that best fit your operation.



Faster, more accurate and more economical than traditional methods.

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