December 29, 2018

Gear Up for the next growing season with Precision Planting

Planting time will be here before you know it, and now is the time to plan for a successful growing season. Each individual seed is a bit of potential, and that seed’s ability to produce is first determined by how you place it in the ground. Soil type, temperature, and depth are critical components of each seed’s success.

With the technology available from Precision Planting, we can ensure that your seeds get the best start possible. The products from Precision Planting work towards the common goals of precise spacing, depth control and uniform germination, as well as solutions in monitoring, singulation and germination. Their equipment and technology can help you achieve your highest yields yet.

During the 2018 growing season, our customers used Precision Planting products to plant more than 25,00 acres of crops, including corn, sweet corn, cotton, peanuts, and snap beans.
Joey Boyette, of Boyette Farms in Appling County, Georgia, farms more than 3,500 acres of peanuts and cotton. He added a Precision Planting system this year.

“The system has helped a lot with consistent down force when trying to plant through a heavy cover crop,” he says. “I also really liked the precise singulation on the seed which means cost savings on seed because there is no overlap. Other pluses were clean end rows, and the ability to change variable rate insecticide from inside the cab. Smart Firmer was also a big help in monitoring moisture without leaving the cab. Moisture can change quickly from one spot to the next so that’s a big benefit and time savings.”

Boyette was so pleased that he is adding a second system for the upcoming season.

How Can We Help You?

We are now taking Precision Planting orders for spring. Because we like to take extra time to walk our customers through install, set-up, and the first run in the field, spots are limited, so we urge you to go ahead and place your order without delay. Call us today to reserve your spot.


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