Maximizing Your Planter’s Performance: Post-Planting Assessment

As a grower, you understand the critical role your planter plays in achieving a successful harvest. Ensuring that your planter is operating at peak performance is essential for optimal seed placement, uniform emergence, and maximum yield potential. In this article, we’ll explore the key aspects of your planter that should be assessed post-planting season, as discussed by Travis Kelley in the video below.

Evaluating Your Planter’s Performance:
1. Depth Control
– Check if your planter maintained the correct depth throughout the planting season
– Assess the performance of your downforce system (springs, airbags, or Delta Force)
– Ensure that your T-handles are set correctly and that depth is consistent across all rows

2. Seeding Performance
– Evaluate if you achieved the desired seed singulation and population
– Check if the seed was placed at the optimal depth for your specific conditions
– Assess the performance of your closing system (e.g., cotton closing system) and its adjustability

3. Insecticide Control
– Determine if you encountered any blockages or skips in your insecticide application
– Consider upgrading to a monitoring system to detect blockages and improve insecticide control

4. Wear Parts
– Inspect the condition of your planter’s wear parts, including parallel arms, gauge wheel arms, mustaches, opening discs, and gauge wheels
– Assess the need for replacements or upgrades to OEM or aftermarket options

Taking Action:

Our post-planting assessment is designed to help you evaluate your planter’s performance and identify areas for improvement. By taking this assessment, you’ll receive personalized recommendations from our team of experts to optimize your planter for the upcoming season.

Our knowledgeable professionals are here to support you in making informed decisions about your planter’s maintenance, upgrades, and add-on features. Schedule a consultation today to discuss your specific needs and challenges. 

Discover the latest in planter upgrades and add-ons on our Row Ready Planter page. From precision planting technology to advanced downforce control systems and liquid control options, we offer a wide range of solutions to help you maximize your planter’s performance and productivity.