Up to 70% of Spray
is Wasted. Until Now.

With the ability to add on to any sprayer, the MagGrow technology is a
two-component system composed of a series of magnetic inserts. Water-based
fluid passes through the associated magnetic fields, under appropriate flow
conditions, thereby altering physical properties of the fluid, which results in the
spray characteristics and droplet profiles that account for the MagGrow effect:

Superior Spray Drift Control and Increased Crop Coverage.

Conventional 100% Rate

MagGrow 100% Rate

MagGrow 75% Rate

Validated by Trusted Universities

Simply Add MagGrow To
Any Sprayer

MacGrow is an accredited


drift reduction technology

Source: TCT DRT List (Netherlands), October 2020

70% of all conventional spray does not reach the target crop and results in drift and run off, wasting countless dollars.

The importance of delivering the optimal droplet size makes sure the chemical both reaches and adheres to the target.

MagGrow Droplet Performance

Droplet Performance

You save 25% of your chemical bill, and that’s huge. That’s the difference in making money and not making money.”

Sparrow was also impressed with the improved coverage he saw with MagGrow. MagGrow converts the liquid chemical into optimal-sized droplets that hit the target, resulting in reduced drift, better coverage and significant chemical savings.

“Before you could see the droplets on the leaves. With the MagGrow system, now it’s like someone painted a sheet of paper across the leaves. You’re getting so much better coverage. You can actually see it under the leaves now. Same nozzles. Same pressure. Same everything.”

His drift problems went away, too. “I’ve had zero complaints about drift this year,” he notes. Sparrow admits that he doesn’t fully understand the science behind the MagGrow system, but he really doesn’t care. He understands how to use it, and he understands the results.

“The MaGrow system is one of the hardest things to understand from a science standpoint, but it’s the easiest thing to use. No electronics, no maintenance. Pop it off that sprayer and throw it on another one and you’re ready to go. At the end of the day you don’t have to clean anything out. It’s just a normal day on the sprayer.”

Why MagGrow?

The MagGrow system helps by altering the physical properties of the water-based fluid, (including pesticide solutions), resulting in the spray characteristics and droplet profiles which ensure that more of the spray goes onto the weeds, crop canopy, buds, flowers, stalk, fruit, or vegetable product itself or soil, giving better coverage and more protection.

MagGrow helps improve crop protection, lowers risk to the financial investment in the crop, increases the chance of higher crop quality and yield, and reduces wastage of expensive resources like chemical inputs, water, time, and money. 

Benefits MagGrow Delivers


Significantly Reduce Drift

70% of conventional pesticide spraying does not reach the target crop

Major Savings on Chemical Spend

Cut chemical/pesticide usage by 20% and still protect your crop

MagGrow Offers

Superior Coverage and Acres Covered Per Tank

Improved coverage by 20% or more and increased productivity with longer spray windows and less downtime